Schafer interviewed by Gamespot 07 Aug, 2004, 15:33 / 1 comment

As the headline says, over at Gamespot there's a new interview with Tim Schafer about Psychonauts and their new publishing deal with Majesco. You can check it out here.
GS: What does it take to sell a crafted, adventure game in today's all-Doom, all the time environment?

TS: Well, I'm not in sales, but I did learn one thing from Full Throttle. PUT A BIG EXPLOSION ON THE BOX. Psychonauts is going to have two explosions on the cover, so it will probably sell twice as much as Throttle. As far as people wanting Doom games only--I think we get a skewed perspective in this industry. A lot of the people we know are in the industry or hardcore gamers, and they do want Doom all the time. But there are vast oceans of people out there for whom Doom is not their thing. We just have to get the word out there. And if that doesn't work, we'll ship out a sticker with an extra explosion on it for retailers to slap on the boxes.
Check the whole story out over at Gamespot.


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    In other news.....Guybrush Threepwood is losing against Bowser at