Satan Joins Sam and Max on the Cover of PIQ - but you got manga? 14 Apr, 2008, 18:38 / 0 comments

According to Active Anime, the May 2008 issue of PIQ magazine - the issue that comes out in the month that I was born in and hence is more awesome than Italy winning the World Cup - has noneother than Sam, Max, and Praise the Lord, Lord Satan on its cover. They all happen to be smiling, too. This all includes exclusive cover artwork by Telltale as well as an exclusive interview by Steve Purcell himself. Man, I wonder how they crammed all that on the cover?

But the question is: Who's crazier? Sam, Max, or the Half-Horse-Half-RedBull-Gives-You-Hoofs Prince of Darkness and Our Saviour Beelzebub Himself? The answer: might not be here.