Sam & Max localization madness 16 Jul, 2007, 14:55 / 0 comments

It would appear that JoWood is pulling out all the stops for the German localization of Sam & Max: Season 1. It was previously reported that the German dub would reprise celebrity voice actor Sandra Schwittau as Max, and now it's confirmed that the voice of Sam from the German version of Hit the Road, Hans-Gerd Kilbinger, will also be lending his talents to the voice overs. In addition, the supporting characters will be voiced by a cast of well-known German voice talent (a list of which can be found here), in what is apparently the most expensive localization project in the publisher's history. (No surprise there for anyone who knows how popular adventure games are in Germany.)

Read the positive things that has to say on the matter here (that's in German, click here for the Google translated version) which includes some details on JoWood's translation process, an interview the German Sam, and an interview with Dave Grossman in which the veteran designer is told he answers interview questions like a dairy farmer.

The European release of Sam & Max: Season 1 is due out August 31, and will feature English, German, and French voice overs in addition to subtitles in those languages as well as Italian and...I'm not exactly sure what else beyond that. It will include the same extras as Dreamcatcher/TAC's North American release.

Thanks to Harald B who pointed this out over at Telltale's forums.