Sam & Max interview DOUBLE FEATURE! 08 Nov, 2006, 20:22 / 4 comments

The sexually beguiling folks behind G-Wie-Gorilla have put up a two-part interview with Steve Purcell and Dave Grossman. The topic, as you might have guessed, is Sam & Max, and the interview contains dazzling revelations that you frankly can't afford to remain ignorant of. Here's a scrumptious sample that describes Purcell's involvement with Season 1:
Peter Clausen: Could you describe your input in the game?

Steve Purcell: I tried to be involved early on in the story process. I would go out to dinner with the Daves (Grossman and Bogan), Brendan Fergusan, and sometimes Dan Connors would join us to block out the stories in bold strokes. We bang around ideas of what the broad beats are. I give some input on the artwork and when I have time I try to contribute some character designs or review Dave Bogan's concepts. I had a few thoughts about the music references and have been really happy to hear how Jared Emerson-Johnson is developing the score. Dave Grossman has sent over script pages which are a dream to review and actually not very easy to find places that need tweaking.
The rest of the interview can be found here. You can't prove I'm not lying unless you click on it.

Update: There's also a Q&A with Dave Grossman and Brendan Ferguson here. Thanks JP!


  • jp-30 on 08 Nov, 2006, 22:19…
    There's an article/interview with Brendan and Dave Grossmann here.

    "Brendan: That's just what Telltale's trying to do. We're working to create games that directly involve people in a wide range of enjoyable stories, without adding annoying or frustrating road blocks. Then we're just trying to make it as easy as possible for people to give those games a shot. We bet that if people just give it a try, they'll find a great new pastime!"

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