Sam & Max Survey Starts Speculation 18 Dec, 2003, 16:18 / 7 comments

Anyone who's a member (and you should really all have accounts there), and received the latest LucasArts Insider email may have noticed they ask you to fill out a survey. We suggest you all fill it out, since surely you're all Insider subscribers. It's juicy.

The survey is heavily leaned towards adventure gaming, Sam & Max in particular. There are standard questions about what game systems you own, but then they veer off into crazytown, asking you what your favorite humor style is, if you like mini games in your adventures, if you've watched the Sam & Max cartoon show, and if youre comfortable purchasing games online. Be their guinea pigs! Register with LEC! Complete the survey!


  • neilka on 30 Dec, 2003, 09:09…
    NB, you don't need to register with Lucasarts to do the survey.
  • Mad Lord Snapcase on 21 Dec, 2003, 06:38…
    I hope this is not a sign that LEC is switching to Myst-style "adventure" "games". The Dig was bad enough.
  • ThunderPeel2001 on 18 Dec, 2003, 23:26…
    Wow, so they're going to tailor the humor too??
  • Jake on 19 Dec, 2003, 02:19…
    Tailor it to what? I don't think the survey is going to alter the actual humor content of the game as much as help the marketing department decide how to sell the game.
  • tabacco on 18 Dec, 2003, 22:23…
    Woo! AG is on the "which gaming websites do you visit most often" list. Everyone vote for us! ;)
  • QueZTone on 18 Dec, 2003, 19:35…
    do not hesitate to answer the following:

    what genre: ADVENTURE
    samnmax: YES VERY FUNNY
    system you own: PC
    samnmax universe: YES ALL OF THEM (makes them consider to do more merch for samnmax and/or other games i guess; but oops if they read this i mightve messed it up)

    hooray! :)
  • Jake on 18 Dec, 2003, 20:56…
    Considering they sent it out in The Adventurer (as opposed to random mailing, or included with product registration) I think it's safe to assume the survey was targeted at least in part at existing possibly long term fans, so they probably already know that people will think of that :P