Sam and Max Season Two, heading to your Wii 06 Feb, 2009, 19:25 / 2 comments

Nintendo fans, rejoice. A game with guns for your console of choice, all in top-notch quality. If for some twisted reason you haven't picked it up yet, or for some awesome reason you want to buy it yet again, then prepare your wallets for Sam and Max: Season Two.

The game's being published by Atari by the way, who published Season One on retail. This hopefully means that the first Season did well on retail, which is all kinds of awesome.
Comments: 2 / Source: Joystiq


  • Lagomorph on 07 Feb, 2009, 16:47…
    Hope they update the resolution of the textures this time.
    I'm not gonna buy it on Wii anymore if it looks like season one.
  • Udvarnoky on 07 Feb, 2009, 02:56…