Sam & Max Save Xbox Live 12 Jun, 2009, 11:08 / 4 comments

For the first time, Sam & Max are coming to Xbox Live. Possibly using the Wallace & Gromit control style, Sam & Max Season One (now known as Sam & Max Save The World) will be available June 17th.

It's seems as if all six episodes are going to be released together, like they were on Wii. There will be added Achievements, HD support, and foreign language subtitles. And the world saw that it was good.

We knew about this yesterday, but for some reason we didn't get round to posting about it. So thanks to Glokidd for reminding us!


  • Flannigus on 12 Jun, 2009, 19:33…
    This is the perfect excuse to replay season 1 and give more money to Telltale. Achievements!
  • SurplusGamer on 12 Jun, 2009, 14:21…
    Now you just need to get round to sending in your bit of the podcast!
  • The Tingler on 12 Jun, 2009, 20:17…
    Quiet you! And done!
  • Zaarin on 12 Jun, 2009, 12:25…
    Every platform gets widescreen support, but the PC. :(