Sam & Max Episode 5 now on Gametap! 29 Mar, 2007, 13:26 / 11 comments

At least, it should be really soon. It wasn't up when I checked, but their updates usually occur near the middle of the day.

Those who are getting the game through the Telltale route have two more weeks until Reality 2.0, but there's tons of stuff you can do until then, such as reading this glowing review by 4 color rebellion which gives the game a 9 out of 10. You might even consider checking out this preview by 1up. You could also read Gabez's Dave Grossman interview again. Or host a weenie roast.


  • Glo_kidd on 30 Mar, 2007, 21:23…
    IGN has also reviewed S&M ep.5

    They also have a list of upcoming adventure titles in their PC games of Spring list:
  • scaryrobot on 30 Mar, 2007, 14:52…
    Or fix googly eyes to a spatula.

    Spatula!! I vote spatula!!
  • The Tingler on 29 Mar, 2007, 22:09…
    Or feed a toucan. That was always my favourite. Works like crazy!
  • clone2727 on 29 Mar, 2007, 23:19…
    Or teach basket weaving to clams.
    Or sing Welsh folk songs at the bank.
    Or organize your sock drawer alphabetically.
    Or train potato bugs to do tricks.
    Or publish a magazine about pencil shavings.
    Or eat lime Jello with pineapple in it.
    Or photocopy money.
    Or bathe your iguana.
    Or invite some friends over for salmon and white wine.


    Some of the better ones :P
  • Bobbin Threadbare on 30 Mar, 2007, 03:35…
    Or wash your car.
  • Gabez on 30 Mar, 2007, 03:53…
    Or get into a shouting contest with your neighbour's dog.
  • Bobbin Threadbare on 30 Mar, 2007, 04:09…
    Or join a funk band.
  • clone2727 on 30 Mar, 2007, 09:54…
    Or paint a yellow line through your driveway.
  • Bobbin Threadbare on 30 Mar, 2007, 13:41…
    Or travel to a foreign country.
  • Glo_kidd on 30 Mar, 2007, 21:48…
    or run for president
    or talk to a member of the opposite sex
    or dig for buried treasure
    or preform brain surgery
    or write your name in the snow
    or plant trees on public property
    or confuse the person next to you

    :D they are all gold ;)
  • Bobbin Threadbare on 31 Mar, 2007, 13:14…
    Or lube your car.