Sam & Max 2 - The Recording Sessions 26 Nov, 2003, 14:42 / 5 comments

CShutt pointed me to this thread over at Something Awful, where some dude writes about having the chance to check out some voice recording for Sam & Max Freelance Police. A quote:
While it was just line for line, some notes on the content of the first part.
  • There's a couple mini games - one called "Wasp Darts" another has something to do with bumper cars.
  • TONS of hilarious jokes in here, lots of monty python referances, some movie spoofs ("Our couch is like a box of chocolates," Max sputters)
  • A "west side story"ish sequence, Max and Sam start their own gang.
  • A hostage situation with a series of demands that must be met!
Sounds interesting, if it's actually true. ? ? Check out some more info here all of which should be considered highly unofficial. (There is, however, a small sound clip recorded by the voice of Sam for the poster's voice mail)


  • spoon_man on 26 Nov, 2003, 23:07…
    Pffft! I've met Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top but you don't see me bragging...(He had vomit encrusted in his jeans.)
  • Marek on 26 Nov, 2003, 15:39…
    It seems kinda convincing but experience tells us to be cautious. Someone should ask that guy to post a pic of Mike Stemmle. That would do a lot to validate his claims.

    Also, can someone copy those attachements somewhere? :)
  • C Shutt on 27 Nov, 2003, 07:36…
    He's posted a WAV file of Bill Farmer. I think it's fairly safe to assume it's genuine.
  • black_sheep on 27 Nov, 2003, 08:21…
    i don't care. i just want to see the attachments
  • black_sheep on 27 Nov, 2003, 06:20…
    yeah we need to see the attachments so we can be sure. =). and i think I'm convinced. BUT I NEED TO SEE THE ATTACHMENTS PLZZZZZ.