Sale! Sale! Sale! 25 Nov, 2009, 22:53 / 7 comments

There's only one thing we at Mixnmojo like more than video games, and that is to dance. We also like sales.

Telltale are having a sale. There's new bundles, and free shipping for orders over $25. I'd like to stress the "free shipping" part, which you may not know to equal $0.00. Which is exactly what your brain is worth if you don't go with this; if you want to support adventure or story-driven games, anyways. It's worth mentioning that anyone who's subscribed to the Telltale Interloper gets an extra little deal. You can still sign-up and get in on it.

LucasArts are doing something on Steam. The "Early Holiday Sale" - is it an early holiday? I thought the year was almost over - will set you back a $49.99 for 16 games, which is 60% off the full price, saving you a whopping $77.85. That's almost 78, which is the average age of the writers on Mixnmojo.

Brutal Legend is going for, oh, less than $40 this Friday (America only). It's in celebration of Black Friday, which, according to the internet (and I quote), is "the day the United States was freed from the oppression of the British, and led into freedom and then betrayal by the leader of the rebellion, a turkey named Turkey[citation needed]." You can increase Double Fine money by buying from their store.


  • Giygas on 26 Nov, 2009, 00:07…
    Wallace & Gromit is also pretty cheap:
  • elTee on 25 Nov, 2009, 22:57…
    Thank God old-man Remi retired and lowered our average.
  • Remi O on 26 Nov, 2009, 07:22…

    Check out "Butterfly Mountain" to get into what those of us OLD enough to appreciate what great psychedelic Petals folk-pop should sound like; it's better than "Parahelion."

    (Old people like me can't fit all of that on Twitter.)
  • elTee on 26 Nov, 2009, 08:21…
    Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look for that one after work. To return the favour: 'Painting Smiles on a Dead Man' by The Last - more psychedelic than The Petals, but equally chilled out power-pop.
  • jp-30 on 25 Nov, 2009, 23:50…
    I'm still here dragging it up. Hah.
  • Remi O on 26 Nov, 2009, 07:22…
    The fact that you're older than me makes me feel OK.
  • Kroms on 25 Nov, 2009, 23:06…
    Yes. "Retired." Umm. Yes.