SW LEGO Game footage online 26 Jul, 2004, 22:14 / 2 comments

Well, this game looks like it will have something for everyone. Recorded at the recent ComiCon, five fan-shot quicktime clips have been posted at the Star Wars LEGO site 'from bricks to bothans'. Make sure you read the hands on report, that way you'll discover why TC-14 is hopping everywhere in the Droid Control ship (shades of Monty Python).

And if the thought "Who would win a fight between Yoda, Maul, a clonetrooper & Jango Fett" keeps you up at night, you'll love 'clip 5' - no doubt from a bonus level.
Check out the full report with video clips here.

Source: from bricks to bothans



  • guybrush_guy on 26 Jul, 2004, 22:58…
    i must say this game does look realy cool.
  • jp-30 on 26 Jul, 2004, 22:18…
    Things to look for in the clips #1. Watch how Qui-Gon's torso pops off his legs when Maul impales him at during the cut-scene in clip 2. LOL!

    And as mentioned in the story, TC-14 in clip 1 has been damaged and lost an arm & a leg - which is why he's hopping everywhere.