Rumor: Spielberg wants to direct Chris Pratt for new Indy 21 Feb, 2015 / 5 comments

There have been these silly rumors that Disney wants Chris Pratt to star as Indiana Jones in a reboot of that film series, but according to a guy at Deadline it's totally the case, and what's more, Spielberg himself wants to direct it.

Considering there's no script and Spielberg gets attached to every single movie project in development (he was once slated to direct American Sniper and Interstellar), his involvement is far from a certainty, but it would make me excited, especially if they take a Godfather Part II approach as I've seen proposed, and the movie alternates between Old Indy (Ford) and Young Indy's (Pratt) timeline, telling a story that relates the two adventures. In this way you get a potentially better send-off for Ford (since Crystal Skull snatched away his sunset ending), and they will have smoothly transitioned the series over to the reboot era.

So, who is your preferred director to take over Indy if Spielberg inevitably loses interest, and why is it Hal Barwood?

Source: Deadline



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    The Tingler on 04 Mar, 2015, 23:52…
    Isn't your idea just this Jason?
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    Shmargin on 28 Feb, 2015, 18:08…
    The new Indy old Indy idea sounds pretty excellent. While it's hard for me to not want Harrison Ford to ever stop being Indy, Chris Pratt seems like a good choice, since if I want the character to live on, someone will have to take it up.
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    Jennifer on 22 Feb, 2015, 05:09…
    That sounds good to me. While I'm one that wouldn't have minded Indy's son taking up the mantle (I could be the only one it would seem from the reactions I've seen about it), a young Indy story with a new actor framed by an older Indy story with Harrison Ford sounds good to me.

    That way you get a sequel and a reboot at the same time, and don't leave any of the older fans out. It's a similar approach to the new King's Quest game, and I felt that approach was great for Graham, and it certainly would be great for Indiana Jones as well.

    It would be great if Harrison's send off included references to all of his take on the character's past. I would like to at least get a mention of how Mutt is doing, and it would be great for him to have a young daughter as well in the new film (tying into the old Indy portions of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles).
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    Remi on 22 Feb, 2015, 05:00…
    Look at me all agreeing with Jason! (First for everything.)
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    Jones Jr on 21 Feb, 2015, 23:19…
    Considering that Hollywood cannot create anything new nowadays and it's either adaptations or reboots I guess that an Indy reboot is more of a when than an if.
    I'd like to see Disney take your approach Jason, because Chris Pratt is a good option and Crystal Skull was not the way for Ford to hang up the fedora.

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