Revenge of the Star Wars News 29 Jul, 2004, 02:40 / 5 comments

Actually, this post isn't about the title of Star Wars Episode III at all; in fact, it might be about something interesting! See, I used an exclamation point. Anyway, teh LucasArts updated its Republic Commando info page with a new, long video walkthrough of a level set on the wookiee planet Kashyyyyy??yyyk.

Though you can't make out too much of the scenery (let's just say it's a bit dark), it's a great look at how the game is played and the clip is surprisingly generous in that respect. Though I'm unsure what to think of the game concept right now (I liked Halo but wasn't crazy about Brute Force), I was impressed by the inside-the-helmet HUD design, as shown in all its shaky glory in this video. Judge for yourself here. Yeah, I know you hate Star Wars games, you told me.


  • JBRAA on 30 Jul, 2004, 07:41…
    The walkthrough video #2, (this one), from Kashyyyk, is 66 MB long, and 10 minutes.

    Click here to see the original video from E3 2004 in higher resolution with the original sounds, (no two guys commenting)

    It's the "Live Demo (cam)" file, 91 MB, and 11 minutes long.
  • CaliMonk on 30 Jul, 2004, 05:48… some details about the New Starwars game.

    Jim ward also talks about a new Indiana Jones game, due in 2006 and even More starwars games based upon the new TV series. (Wonder if they are cartoons or real series, that could actually be good, a real serie)
  • Murray the Chao on 29 Jul, 2004, 18:19…
    Someone should report FucasArts to Nintendo for stealing from Metroid Prime!

    That looks almost EXACTLY like the Metroid Prime visor!
  • warmgun on 29 Jul, 2004, 14:46…
    >>I was impressed by the inside-the-helmet HUD design,

    *cough*Metroid Prime*cough*
  • jp-30 on 29 Jul, 2004, 06:58…
    >> this post isn't about the title of Star Wars Episode II at all;

    That's just as well, or you'd be 2 years too late. :-P