Return of Monkey Madness 18 Dec, 2002, 16:13 / 2 comments

The SCUMM Bar reports that after a long disappearance, LucasArts is once again selling the Monkey Madness compilation CD at the LucasArts company store. So, any US or Canadian customers interested in finally being able to own both Monkey Island 1 (with the CD audio tracks) and 2, now's your chance.

Rumors suggest that Monkey Madness may have been re-added only because Remi whined at reminded asked someone about it.


  • Remi O on 18 Dec, 2002, 17:26…
    I think the word you're looking for is "asked". ? ? Especially seeing that it all magically re-appeared after I e-mailed asking about it.
  • Thrik on 18 Dec, 2002, 16:41…
    Cool. Now, we need MixnMojo to offer a plan so that us Euros can order them. :p