Retro Gamer fetes Laserschwert way behind schedule 21 Mar, 2021 / 1 comment

We all know and love Laserschwert for his important contributions to the art of LucasArts postercraft, and have for some time now. But while Mojo recognizes greatness on sight, the mainstream media, typically dazzled by the distracting rather than the first rate, has been slow to kiss the ring.

Are they starting to wise up? That's the signal being put out by the latest issue of Retro Gamer. Operating under the preposterous alias of Jan Hofmeister, Laserschwert sat for an interview that appears in their March issue. You can buy your very own copy below.

Source: Retro Gamer


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    Jake on 21 Mar, 2021, 15:38…
    Appreciating Laser has been happening for so long it’s now retro. Perfectly appropriate for them to cover it. Really awesome to see a writeup like this!

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