Retail Sam & Max announced! 16 Mar, 2007, 00:09 / 3 comments

We may already know about it, but it's still nice to have the official press release. The retail version of Sam & Max: Season 1 for Windows will be distributed by The Adventure Company this August. There's no word on what, if any, extras will be included on the disc, but it will be different from the CD that Telltale will ship out to season buyers in May. It will be a surreal and awesome experience to see Sam & Max on a store shelf again, at least for me!

Telltale's also got a lovely writeup of this year's GDC in their blog. Included are three special machinima shorts that were made for the event (and account for Sam and Max's "special appearance" there). Well worth the read.

And if you're one of those wacky kids who are subscribed to Gametap, you should check out the eleventh "real" machinima short, "The Teapot Drone Scandal."


  • The Tingler on 16 Mar, 2007, 23:37…
    It will be very cool indeed.


    So... where's the last two game reviews, Mojo?
  • Gabez on 16 Mar, 2007, 23:47…
    You could review them for us!
  • The Tingler on 17 Mar, 2007, 21:13…
    I'd be more than happy to!