Residual! 07 May, 2009, 13:36 / 2 comments

As you may be aware, for years there's been a sister project to SCUMMVM called "Residual," an interpreter for GrimE games, and essentially the SCUMMVM counterpart for Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island. Very slow progress for Residual has always gone on behind the scenes, but with the launch of its own web site, the project seems like its going to be moving forward more briskly in the future.

Like with SCUMMVM, the Residual team needs the help of fellow fans to become a success, so why not hang about the forums and otherwise become an active follower of the project? I know I'm looking forward to playing Grim on my Etch A Sketch.


  • GhostPirateLeChuck on 08 May, 2009, 03:55…
    Good news indeed!
  • Jeo on 07 May, 2009, 20:53…
    Excellent news. I was getting worried they might've been starting to abandon the project. Grim needs to live on.