Renew your contempt for Daylight Saving Time with a Phrenopolis classic 12 Mar, 2023 / 2 comments

Did “springing forward” this morning leave you feeling bitter, outraged, and dispossessed? Then it may be time to revisit Dave Grossman’s time-honored, Pulitzer-dodging rant against the institutional handsiness your clock is subjected to twice a year by participating countries.

Those who want to take it to the next level might even try placing an order for Dave’s attendant schwag, to see if that old Cafepress store can still phone home. Report back with your results!

Source: Phrenopolis



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    Huz on 13 Mar, 2023, 16:31…
    The worst thing about DST is having to wait an hour longer for the latest Mojole. ;(

    Luckily the UK is spared that fate for another couple of weeks.
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    Kroms on 13 Mar, 2023, 14:05…
    They could always do the Jordanian thing and stop DST without telling all the authorities concerned, having half the country an hour ahead for a few days until it's sorted.

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