Read Freelance Police dialog you'll never hear 07 Nov, 2010 / 2 comments

On the official Sam & Max blog, Steve Purcell has shared some unseen concept art of Gytgo, an imported organic Gameboy-type thing that would have found its way into Sam's inventory in Freelance Police and been used to replay unlocked minigames. (You can see his in-game representation here.)

As an added bonus, Purcell has pasted some dialog from the game which includes a song that Gytgo would have sang, and revealing Sam and Max's differing opinions regarding the device's need to be summarily destroyed.


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    Kroms on 07 Nov, 2010, 20:46…
    The headline was directed at the deaf, Bad Asp. Or something.

    Nifty concept art. The final render is thinner on the Totoro, which I like.
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    Bad Asp! on 07 Nov, 2010, 19:41…
    Okay, Jason, stop telling people they aren't going to play this game. This discouragement is getting old.

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