RTX Producer on LucasForums 09 May, 2002, 14:33 / 1 comment

If you've been reading our E3 Forum, you might have seen this thread which contains a message from someone claiming to be a producer on the recently announced RTX Red Rock. While we haven't confirmed yet that Reeve is actually a producer, he does seem to certainly know what he's talking about. In his post, he talks a bit about the engine. Here's a quote:
RTX Red Rock is built on the Ares game engine, LucasArts' own brand new internal technology for making cutting-edge third person games. The Ares engine provides very high quality character animation, smooth gameplay, and some fantastic new graphics features. One of the rendering effects actually won the programmer the top prize in Sony's first VU coding competition.
Very cool. Check out the thread to read more of what he had to say.

Update: It has been confirmed that Reeve is indeed the producer of this game. Hopefully he'll stop by the forum every now and then to give us an update.


  • Jake on 09 May, 2002, 19:52…
    Always cool when a developer participates in an LF discussion.