Puzzle Agent reviews 30 Jun, 2010 / 2 comments

Today is evidently the day that the review embargo for Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent is lifted, as a number of reviews have been popping up all over the 'net (a popular shorthand for "internet"). Here's a few write-ups; the consensus, as you might expect for a Telltale title, is predominantly positive:

- Cultural Zest
- Extra Guy
- Buttonbasher
- Nukezilla
- Joystiq

As usual, we'll try to do a half-hearted job at updating this list as the day goes on. Stay tuned for the all-important Mojo review, or you can just skip reading reviews altogether and get your own damned opinion. It's not like you didn't buy the game already.


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    Haggis on 01 Jul, 2010, 09:32…
    Don't forget Cultural Zest's review!
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    The Tingler on 01 Jul, 2010, 02:09…
    Is the game actually available yet? All the Telltale pages just have it as a pre-order...

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