Psychonauts videos pummel you senseless 06 Oct, 2004, 00:29 / 2 comments

Time for more of that wave, you know, The Wave.

Psychonauts gameplay videos, previews, and interviews with Tim Schafer have littered a good percentage of the Internet today. If you weren't interested in Psychonauts before because there wasn't enough information for you to bother, now's your chance to get informed, and excited about the Excellent Game.

I'll break it down in easy to reference "Unsorted List" form:
  • Gamespot has a great, lengthy preview up of the game, featuring actual descriptions of Psychonauts' gameplay, a tour through the first level, and more.
  • Also on Gamespot are a bunch of videos, including an interview with Tim Schafer, the game's opening cutscene, and of course the game's official trailer, which we mentioned over the weekend.
  • Over at the always suspect IGN is a heaping helping of gameplay videos which will surely entertain on first viewing, but rapidly turn into spoilers under any semblence of careful examination. You have been warned.
Surely there's more than this floating around the Internet today, but that should more than occupy the broadband-able for the next day or so. If you find anything else interesting of course leave it in the comments, and if you haven't yet taken a look at, now's as good a time as any.


  • csenosiain on 07 Oct, 2004, 23:10…
    I say we turn Mixnmojo away from LEC and into the LEC alumni companies like Doublefine, Telltale games, etc.
  • Jake on 08 Oct, 2004, 12:30…
    I suspect that is most of what will be appearing on Mojo if anything appears at all. All the big stories in the last few months have been about them anyway!