Psychonauts publisher: Majesco? 02 Aug, 2004, 18:53 / 2 comments

In Gamespot's coverage of the recent G-Phoria game awards show, they report on a little piece of gossip circulating around the ceremony concerning Psychonauts.
There were surprisingly few executives from the major game publishers in attendance, but news about a major publishing deal did break during the show when sources let on that Majesco had picked up Tim Schafer's Psychonauts and will publish the game in early 2005.
Is Psychonauts back on? Will we finally get to play Tim Schafer's next game? Is humanity saved? We'll have to wait for an official press release or something of course to know for sure, but that sounds super promising. Winnar.


  • Remi O on 02 Aug, 2004, 19:53…
    Good news indeed, I was afraid this would be another Sam & Max 2 for a while. :~
  • Jake on 02 Aug, 2004, 18:57…
    Saw this article about Majesco on Slashdot a few days ago (yes I read slashdot). If they're really the publisher, its nice to see that they at least seem to have a cool, decently safe sounding business plan.