Psychonauts continues to probe your brain 12 Oct, 2004, 20:17 / 1 comment

With video love! Possibly smelly Mojo old-timer Netmonkey has pointed me to the Psychonauts videos page over at GameSpy, which contains yet another set of videos from the game. Here at the Mojo we advise against watching more than a little bit of this video content unless you really want to spoil the surprises throughout the game.

Netmonkey also pointed out that GameSpy has a Psychonauts box art mockup on their Psychonauts page, but since its based around some pretty old production art from the Microsoft Psychonauts site (plus the stated fact that the box art would have at least two explosions and we're holding him to that), I doubt it's the final artwork.


  • lagamorph321 on 14 Oct, 2004, 14:17…
    Psychonauts is really looking good - I enjoyed the Grim Fandango-ish video with the house of cards and bull. Can hardly wait to try it out.