Psychonauts PC patched again! 31 May, 2005, 23:26 / 7 comments

PC Psychonauts players might want to grab the newly released patch, updating Psychonauts to version 1.02. What's in the new patch? Mostly camera stuff:
1) The user may now disable smart camera hints that direct the camera towards specific targets.

2) The user may now disable camera altitude dampening, which will make the mouse more responsive in pitching the camera.
Hopefully that cleans up the last remaining issues some PC players were having with the camera system. A bunch of other bugs and little issues were squashed as well. Get the patch here, or from your favorite file download site of choice (where that is is up to you).

Also (awesome), Mojo has been linked from the sidebar of Double Fine Action News. Woo!


  • Thrik on 01 Jun, 2005, 13:15…
    Well, by the looks of it it's just the game's cutscenes, so you're not missing out on an awful lot. I guess if it comes in a really nice package it'd be worth getting seperately, though -- perhaps somebody who gets it could photograph it. :)
  • Shanty on 01 Jun, 2005, 05:45…
    Also, there's the special DVD offer in the Double Fine (Action) Shop this month. Mention that, why don't you? Eh? Eh?! You could mention how only tardy people will be getting it and that real men ordered their stuff ages ago and are still waiting for it to be shipped sans DVD. You could do a special on how bitter I am, it'll be great! Trust me!
  • Udvarnoky on 01 Jun, 2005, 13:09…
    Yeah, I mean, what the hell? I placed my order before June, so no DVD for me. Maybe they'll eventually feature it as an individual item.
  • Jake on 01 Jun, 2005, 22:46…
    Don't think they can, for union reasons. Maybe if you bought a $50+ order a ways back, you should try asking them nicely for one and see what happens? Who knows!
  • Shanty on 02 Jun, 2005, 07:57…
    Hm, now there's a thought. My order hasn't even shipped yet, so maybe they could just sneak the thing in there.
    Speaking of which, can anyone who's ordered from them tell me how long it took before their stuff arrived? The Order Status for mine is simply "Tim has (for signature)" so it doesn't sound like it's even shipped. I ordered it the 18th of last month, so I guess I'm getting a little impatient.
  • kelli on 02 Jun, 2005, 19:50…
    Hi Guys! It's hard for me to comment specifically, because I don't know your order numbers (or real names for that matter)...but here's a little info:

    1) We shipped a free DVD to all past orders over $50. So, if you made an order way back in April or May, you should have received a separate package by now with your DVD gift. If you haven't, let me know, and I'll verify that we sent one to you.

    2) Shanty, your order was *probably* delayed because we ran out of Xbox and PC stock mid-May. We got another shipment in on Tuesday. Tim spent some time signing them all yesterday, and they'll all be mailed out today.

    Awesome! Lemme know if you guys have any more questions! :D
  • Shanty on 03 Jun, 2005, 05:37…
    Whoa, super-uplifting. Bitterness: Gone!
    Thanks, Kelli!