Psychonauts 2 aiming to be Xbox Series X launch title? 20 Apr, 2020 / 1 comment

That's the speculation over at SegmentNext, who point out the possible significance of a new job opening at Double Fine:

According to a recent job listing, Double Fine Productions was seeking a Game Scripter to implement “amazing writing and story moments” into Psychonauts 2. The position was closed a month ago and was on a contract basis of six months, which is just about the same time as when the game is expected to be done.

The six-month period also ties up Psychonauts 2 around the release window of next-generation consoles, which in this case implies that the long-awaited sequel could possibly be a launch title for Xbox Series X. Double Fine Productions was already revealed to be working with next-generation technology last December through a different job listing. Hence, seeing Psychonauts 2 release for Xbox Series X at launch will hardly be surprising.

As someone who's fallen somewhat behind on console platforms (any Wii U titles you want to recommend, for when I finally open the box?), I can't say this does much to change my position of I Sure Hope My PC Can Run This, but what do the rest of you think about Psychonauts 2 possibly angling for release on next-gen consoles? And when will Thrik relaunch Razputin's Domain now that Psychonauts 2 is coming out?

In short, hassle Thrik.

Source: SegmentNext


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    ThunderPeel2001 on 20 Apr, 2020, 23:21…
    Well DoubleFine's website is still bizarrely in a holding pattern. (When was the last time you saw an "Under construction" website? 1998?) I also note that there's a job listing for a Community Manager... has Spaff finally decided to move on? Is he returning to Mojo to help with the outstanding web development jobs? One can only assume... Yes!

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