Psychonauts 2 New Release Date and E3 Update 11 Jul, 2019 / 6 comments

DoubleFine has revealed a post-E3 update for Psychonauts 2 (put together by the folks at 2 Player Productions) and also revealed that the game's release has been pushed back to 2020. As they said to backers:

We know it’s always disappointing when you have to wait a bit longer, but we also know that you are an amazing, supportive bunch, who - just like us - want the game to be as good as possible. So we’re hopeful you’ll understand! <3

I think we do, but if you're struggling, checkout the update to kill 15 minutes and 1 second while you wait for next year:




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    Rum_Rogers on 12 Jul, 2019, 12:26…
    My point was that I'm not happy to have to wait more time but of course if it's for quality's sake then I'll accept to wait even two years more. Unhappy acceptance, still acceptance.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 12 Jul, 2019, 09:04…
    I’m currently re-replaying Grim Fandango for the 1 billionth time, and still loving it. Personally give me a delayed masterpiece rather than timely mediocrity.
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    AlfredJ on 12 Jul, 2019, 00:56…
    Don't worry, RAD is actually really rad. I played the beta, it's a good time.

    I don't mind the delay, I'm always way behind with games as it is. That E3 demo was really good, I'm fine with them taking as much time as they need so that the rest of the game can match that.
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    Rum_Rogers on 11 Jul, 2019, 21:51…
    I was really holding my breath for Psychonauts 2. Now Rad doesn't look that rad anymore (I'm pretty sure this is a joke nobody has done yet, right?)
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    Scummbuddy on 11 Jul, 2019, 20:49…
    At least we should be getting their other game pretty soon. It looks like good, pretty fun.
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    Rum_Rogers on 11 Jul, 2019, 18:50…
    Read email first thing in the morning.
    Ruined my day.

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