Psychonauts - hooray! 30 Jun, 2005, 20:00 / 1 comment

Bgbennyboy, of Quick and Easy fame, has released a new program of awesomeness for you to download - Psychonauts Explorer. Having used his magic fingers on the game, the result of his love-filled labours is this impressive list of features:

  • Opens lots of different files from the game! It can also dump those files, whatever that means!
  • It can preview images and then rip them for your wallpaper related pleasure!
  • You can apply filters to images! No using Photoshop for you!
  • You can extract and save music and speech! (But buy the soundtrack anyway!)
  • ...And much much more!

    Coming soon: Psychonauts Quick and Easy, for when the game refuses to run on Windows 3000 machines.
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    • Bobbin Threadbare on 01 Jul, 2005, 07:45…
      Wow! This sounds great. I'll use this baby when I can get Psychonauts to run on a crappy Win95. I downloaded it anywayz.