Polygon covers the Double Fine summer camp so we don’t have to 07 Sep, 2018 / 3 comments

So here’s a story that literally opens with the name "James Spafford," our benevolent founder who embarrassingly forgets to mention Mojo in it. We aren’t bitter, though, and will gladly link to Polygon’s write-up on the Double Fine summer camp, where the $10,000-Psychonauts 2-backers, company employees, and Double Fine forum moderators rubbed shoulders for three days. We can only assume our invitation got lost in the mail, although one of our infrequent collaborators did attend as a member of the latter group.

(Wait, am I coming across as bitter?)

Every Double Fine and Psychonauts fan should run over and read the story right now, because why the hell not?

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    KestrelPi on 25 Sep, 2018, 10:08…
    I super remembered that I sometimes posted news and articles on this site. I was just... very... I had a bad back?
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    AlfredJ on 13 Sep, 2018, 18:31…
    So Schafer did this Reddit biography video thing:

    It's not particularly shocking or anything, just Tim being charming. But right in the beginning there's a couple of shots of the office and some DF games (mostly DOTT remastered), and a very quick shot of...Curse of Monkey Island? It's at 00:44. Clearly this means they're working on a remaster.*

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure there's some previously unseen Psychonauts 2 concept art in there.

    * Or a Reddit video guy saw Monkey Island in his game list, didn't really know what it was, and just picked what he thought was the prettiest youtube clip for this video.**

    ** Or someone at DF is just a nerd and replaying the game since it got released on Steam recently, like that time someone was playing Loom in one of the Broken Age videos and everyone*** freaked out about it.

    *** Everyone meaning about 5 people.
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    elTee on 09 Sep, 2018, 12:44…
    Sounds like there was even a "cooking with spaff" at this shindig

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