Peter McConnell Interviewed by the Italians 28 Feb, 2006, 17:57 / 3 comments

Italian LucasArts fansite Lucasdelirium has scored a new interview with music composer and ex-LucasArts employee Peter McConnell.*

The interview discusses his work on specific titles like Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island 2, Fate of Atlantis, more general LucasArts subjects like his work on the iMuse interactive music system used in most of LucasArts' classic adventures, and touches on what he's up to now. As a bonus to non-Italians, the interview's even in English! Check it out.

* The horrible pun involved in the concept of "scoring an interview with a musician" was unintentional. Apologies all around.


  • Zomantic on 05 Mar, 2006, 20:33…
    Great job, Diduz!
  • TyraaRane on 01 Mar, 2006, 01:37…
    Roy Rogers was going to be on the FT2 soundtrack? ...Dang. I kind of want to hear that stuff, now--he's a fantastic slide guitarist.
  • Scummbuddy on 28 Feb, 2006, 19:34…
    Hey, that was a great read. Thanks for the article.