People are interviewed 22 Oct, 2009, 19:50 / 3 comments

The current issue of Game Informer has a new interview with Ron Gilbert on the upcoming Deathspank. If you read it, tell us what's inside.

Electric Playground have an in-depth interview with Tim Schafer on Brutal Legend's multiplayer component.

In more important news, the total number of Monkey Island spoilers in this headline has been zero.

Update: Scans from Icebox. Thank you, Icebox!

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  • Icebox on 22 Oct, 2009, 19:59…
    Scans forthcoming. Will be on the forum. Mostly stuff we've heard before, but a few new things. =)
  • Kroms on 22 Oct, 2009, 20:11…
    Thanks, Icebox :)
  • Icebox on 23 Oct, 2009, 00:38…
    It. Is. Done.