Original Adventures? Lego Indy previewed! 07 Feb, 2008, 21:49 / 9 comments

The eagerly awaited Lego Indiana Jones has been previewed by the UK's Edge Magazine, and we've got a juicy taste right here.

For me though, the most interesting fact revealed is the full title: Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Now this is obviously so people don't feel short-changed when the buy it in June and discover it doesn't have any Crystal Skulls in it (although I'm prepared to bet there'll be a Bonus Level set then), but does this mean there might be a Lego Indy II somehow?

Update: Screenshots has been added. Groovy.


  • Melancholick on 09 Feb, 2008, 21:00…
    I'd also be curious to hear folks' thoughts on the level content of the game as-is? If it's six levels for each movie, then I'm thinking...

    *The Jungle Temple/Escape from the Jungle Temple
    *Nepal Bar Shootout
    *Cairo Marketplace Chase
    *Well of Souls
    *Chasing the Ark
    *German Submarine Base/Final Scene (?)

    Temple of Doom
    *Shootout at the Club Obi-Won
    *Downhill Raft Slalom
    *Journey to/in Pankot (?)
    *Stealing the Sankara Stones/Rescuing Willie (?)
    *Mine Cart Chase
    *The Final Showdown/Bridge Fight

    *Young Indiana Jones Chase
    *Beneath the Streets of Venice/Speedboat Chase (?)
    *Rescuing Henry Jones Sr.
    *Motorcycle Chase
    *Escaping the Zeppelin
    *Attacking the Convoy/The Three Challenges/Final Scene (?)

    *KOCS Bonus Level

    Your thoughts?
  • The Tingler on 10 Feb, 2008, 11:14…
    I'm betting there will be more bonus levels, but now that you've suggested it that's a very interesting question!

    Let's continue this in the forum!
  • MrSneeze on 07 Feb, 2008, 22:53…
    I can't wait for Lego Indiana Jones Desktop Adventures!
  • jp-30 on 07 Feb, 2008, 21:58…
    Possibly, but if you're basing one game on three movies, you'll be stretching for content to base the sequel on one movie.

    It can be done, definitely, but I would imagine that any sequel will also draw content from non-movie sources (or have new, original content like most Star Wars games)
  • Gabez on 08 Feb, 2008, 07:54…
    Yeah, and there's always Young Indy as well. And the comics!
  • clone2727 on 08 Feb, 2008, 01:28…
    Unless there are more Indy movies...
  • jp-30 on 08 Feb, 2008, 03:31…
    You think they'll wait another 6-10 years for two more Indiana Jones movies before putting out another game?
  • The Tingler on 08 Feb, 2008, 11:07…
    Nah, they'll probably make Indiana Jones: The Complete Saga.
  • Melancholick on 09 Feb, 2008, 20:52…
    That's a good call. Add in the KOCS levels, anything that didn't make the cut in the first title ("Escape from the Enemy Zeppelin", a'la the amazing "new" AOTC level in Lego Star Wars?) and put it out a few months later than the first title.

    I'd be all in.