Oops! The Double Fine announcements actually all announced 26 Oct, 2011 / 5 comments

Quick clarification/correction to make here, as we have misled you. Apparently the "six products" that Double Fine was touting at their special press event on October 14th are all now known, as three of the most recent Double Fine releases were included among that number. For the record, as Tim explained on the Double Fine forums, the six things being referred to were:

1) Psychonauts Mac
2) Psychonauts Vault Viewer
3) Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
4) Costume Quest PC
5) Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear
6) Double Fine Happy Action Theater

Some sites, including this one, mistakenly interpreted the "six products" thing to refer to six upcoming things, but that was not the case. Sorry for the confusion. To make it up to you, allow us to point you to these limited edition posters from the press event that you can buy.


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    tredlow on 29 Oct, 2011, 17:42…
    I hate Double Fine now because Tim Schafer can make Psychonauts 2 by just snapping his finger, but he doesn't want to because he hates his fans.

    Nah, joking. But I would really like Stacking on PC, please.
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    elTee on 26 Oct, 2011, 17:41…
    The problem with licensing music for the PC as opposed to a console is that it's much easier to rip the music. Music companies would probably see a £20 purchase of Brutal Legend as a vastly superior, cheaper way of buying ~100 music tracks from iTunes :(
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 26 Oct, 2011, 17:38…
    And once again, for those that missed it, they WANT to make Psychonauts 2... they just can't afford to.

    Tim Schafer: "We are not currently working on Psychonauts 2. Let me tell you, we would LOVE to work on Psychonauts 2, but games cost money and we, so far, have not been able to convince a publisher to invest millions of dollars in making a sequel to Psychonauts. Even though it would obviously be the greatest sequel of all time and sell much more than the first time and probably bring about peace on Earth for at least ten hours. We have not given up on the quest to return to Raz’s world but it hasn’t happened yet."
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    Ascovel on 26 Oct, 2011, 01:49…
    I now finally understand the difference between a "thing" and a "product".

    Shame about Brutal Legend though. Shame that no one was interested in funding the licenses for the PC version together with PSX and XBOX. I bet it would be cheaper in a bundle too.
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    Jason on 26 Oct, 2011, 01:44…
    Tim's post also reveals that porting Brutal Legend to PC would entail licensing the 100+ music tracks specifically for the platform. Yikes!

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