Once Upon a Monster came out 15 Oct, 2011 / 2 comments

The last of Double Fine's four "Amnesia Fortnight" games, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, is out. It's been out for for four days, actually, as Jason notes in this other news-post about Costume Quest hitting the PC.

Has anyone been playing it? What do you think, if you have?


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    AlfredJ on 17 Oct, 2011, 09:35…
    I played the demo of this at a party (I don't have an Xbox myself anymore). It was actually pretty fun, especially when you realize that everyone at that party was older than 21, and a lot of them would normally never touch a videogame (although alcohol may have played a role). Presentation wise it's pretty good and it oozes charm, and it's the best game for young children I've ever seen. But if you don't have Kinect, don't buy it just for this game, except if you have kids of course. It's not as funny as other Double Fine games (although some Cookie Monster lines got some laughter), there's a lot of repeated dialogue and the minigames are all a bit simple and seem to go on just a bit too long for adults to keep enjoying it. It's a great game, just not a great game for most Double Fine-fans or the average Mojo'er.

    Conclusion: Buy it if you have kids (or are a kid), or if you're an adult who's looking for a new drinking game with some friends (and only if you already have access to Kinect. The only other good Kinect-game I played was the Gunstringer, so it might just be worth a purchase if you go for both Gunstringer and Sesame Street). If you don't fall in one of these categories this game isn't for you.

    I may sound a bit negative, but I'm totally going to buy this with some friends. Everyone at that party actually wanted to keep playing it, so everyone's chipping in. If no one else at Mixnmojo is going to review it, I'd be up for it I guess. It's going to be from the perspective from inebriated 20-somethings though, because I don't think I can find some kids to play this with anytime soon.
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    Call me Squinky on 16 Oct, 2011, 18:05…
    If I had a Kinect and a proper Internet connection to my 360, I might buy this to support Double Fine and see what it's like (though I don't have any kids and I'm well outside of the target demographic). Unfortunately I don't have a wireless adapter for the 360, so I can't buy this or Trenched. If anyone plays it, let me know what you think.

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