Nostalgia trip to the Land of the Dead - no waiting 04 Mar, 2008, 17:44 / 3 comments

The Escapist magazine really has a thing for writing articles on the classic LucasArts Adventures, something we should do once in a while. Anyway, after their look at Monkey Island a couple of months ago, they've now posted a similar article about Grim Fandango.

The general theme of this month's issue is Why Great Games Sometimes Flop In Sales, something that GF and Psychonauts know all too well... sniff. Anyway, check it out.


  • 8 of 12 on 04 Mar, 2008, 21:37…
    Nightlight got a bit of a mention. But it was a case of 'coat tails? Sure, give me a handful of those!' :)
  • neon_git on 04 Mar, 2008, 18:05…
    It's weird to see folks from around these parts being interviewed. It was a good read but I think it was more aimed at people who maybe haven't heard of the game or who never got around to playing it than the fans. It cirtainly didn't offer me anything I didn't already know or hadn't heard before.
  • elTee on 04 Mar, 2008, 17:55…
    That's a good article, with some good quotes from some of our staff.