Nobody wants you here, Activision. 14 Feb, 2009, 06:30 / 4 comments

Guess who showed-up drunk and uninvited?

I guess Activision must have been browsing through their old photo-album of "dropped games of awesome" because they've been mumbling something about "threatening with lawsuits", and "money", and "Why am I so ugly?" to EA and Double Fine. And I will tell you why you are so ugly, Activision: it is because you are full of soggy, blistering pimples, as a result of your allergy to the awesome you let slip through your fingers - the awesome of Brutal Legend. Not to mention, you're also embarrassing to be seen with. Plus you smell funny too.

My advice? Don't go through with this. Jealousy never helped anybody. But hey, at least you have some more awesome to look forward to - just before you let it drop again, anyways. Haha. Man, Activision, you are so dumb.
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  • cocomonk22 on 15 Feb, 2009, 06:50…
    This is just like litigation between Fox and Warner Brothers over the distribution rights to the Watchmen film...
  • Udvarnoky on 14 Feb, 2009, 19:24…
    It sounds like the joke's on Activsion. EA certainly makes it sound like they don't have a legal leg to stand on.

    I still want to hear the whole story someday about how Double Fine managed to trick Activision out of not owning the IP in the fine print...which is apparently what happened.
  • The Tingler on 14 Feb, 2009, 11:25…
    I think it's standard practice for the most powerful third-party publisher in the world to be total jerks. EA was the most powerful, now they're not, so they're much less jerky.
  • Lagomorph on 14 Feb, 2009, 10:11…
    Activision are jerks!
    EA are jerks too, but at least they wánt to publish Brütal Legend.
    Lets bomb Activision!