NoClip drops Double Fine documentary down the chimney 25 Dec, 2020 / 2 comments

Well, we’d like to let you all enjoy your Christmas in peace, but people refuse to stop putting out these unspeakably awesome Double Fine videos to report on. Looking to put Santa to shame, the documentarians at NoClip have gifted us with a real doozy – a comprehensive history of Double Fine in Tim’s own words, larded with rare home video footage of the larval days of studio.


There’s too much good stuff here to try and single one moment out in an attempt to sell you on the fifty minute investment; you’re just going to have to place your faith in me and watch the whole thing. The stretch about the LucasArts remasters does have one horrifying moment where Tim points out that the fragile SCSI drives they recovered the original Grim Fandango assets from were gotten to just in time (what the heck does that mean for the older stuff?), but otherwise this tour of Double Fine’s first twenty years will leave you smiling.

Source: NoClip



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    Glo_kidd on 26 Dec, 2020, 01:03…
    Merry Christmas Everyone :-)

    This was a wonderful watch, for me particularly the segment about the double fine adventure kickstarter livestream section brought up warm feelings, I remember being glued to that stream and chatting away while being blown away over how much was actually being generated.

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    kierian123 on 25 Dec, 2020, 20:51…
    Merry Christmas y'all!

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