No Episode II Insider's Guide? 01 Jul, 2002, 21:46 / 1 comment claims that there are no plans at LucasArts to create an Episode II Insider's Guide CD-ROM. How do they know? Why, they just asked LucasArts, of course. The Phantom Menace Insider's Guide was a big hit among Star Wars fans, so this news comes as a bit of a let down. Hopefully this just means that LucasArts is concentrating the majority of their resources on original titles, eh? Thanks to SonGoku for the lead.


  • Jake on 02 Jul, 2002, 09:24…
    With DVD's being the norm, especially among Star Wars fans who would have shelled out the dough for the Insiders Guide, I bet they just didn't see the need, as if the Episode I DVD is any hint, the Episode II DVD will be so packed with behind the scenes stuff nobody will miss the Guide.