Nintendo: "We wanted to save Grim first!" 08 Aug, 2014 / 4 comments

So apparently Dan Adelman, former "Indie Lead" of Nintendo, had the idea of bringing back Grim Fandango a long time ago!

Which were some games that you work really hard to get them on Nintendo's platforms, but for some reason at the end you couldn't?

Grim Fandango. I mentioned the idea of an HD remake to Tim Schafer about 7-8 years ago. I was so jealous that PlayStation got that. Curse you, Adam Boyes!

I suppose we can guess why it didn't work out. Adelman could have petitioned Tim all he wanted, but it was LucasLegal he would have had to strike a deal with. Maybe Sony just screams louder?

I think it's kind of awesome that Nintendo was pursuing this. It also potentially just goes to show how much of a massive asshole you apparently had to be to score a job as a gatekeeper for Lucas-owned licenses.

Source: IGN



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    Kolzig on 09 Aug, 2014, 03:10…
    Well, at least Adelman maybe had a hand on that Wii Virtual console got all those old LucasArts SNES games which were awesome.

    Adelman is nice guy, he will be quite an asset to indies in his new company.
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    AlfredJ on 09 Aug, 2014, 02:23…
    Kind of glad this didn't work out. It would have meant I had to buy a Nintendo console. At least with Sony it'll end up on PC eventually.
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    Rum Rogers on 08 Aug, 2014, 21:12…
    It's incredible to see Mojo's not mentioning Ronzo's handwritten notes for building SCUMM.
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    NatsFan on 08 Aug, 2014, 14:38…
    Okay, time out. How could Nintendo have facilitated an HD remake "7-8 years ago" when they didn't have an HD console until less than 2 years ago? I've never heard of Nintendo helping publish something on someone else's platform.

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