Night of the Raving Dead available! 13 Feb, 2008, 17:33 / 3 comments

The dead are raving and it's up to Sam & Max to stop them! In other words, episode 3, Night of the Raving Dead, is now available for everyone!

Go on, shoo! Download it now!


  • MrSneeze on 14 Feb, 2008, 05:17…
    Hilarious introduction to the episode! Also... SUPERBALL! :D
  • The Tingler on 13 Feb, 2008, 22:43…
    I'm utterly loving it! I knew I would! Hint to developers - if you want me to like your game, include zombies.
  • jp-30 on 13 Feb, 2008, 19:01…
    Jesus, I'd better start playing Moai Better Blues, I guess.