New iOS version of Puzzle Agent 2 plus both games el cheapo 07 Aug, 2011 / 1 comment

Telltale has released a new version of Puzzle Agent 2 for iOS devices which includes the following fixes:

  • Now supports 3G devices and newer
  • Puzzle controls & usabiilty significantly improved
  • Voice skipping fixed
  • Cutscene graphics improved
  • Performance enhancements and other minor bug fixes

They've also lowered the prices of the iOS versions of both games for one week. Puzzle Agent can now be had for $0.99 while the sequel costs $2.99.

Comments: 1 / Source: TTG blog

1 Comment

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    Jones Jr on 14 Aug, 2011, 01:13…
    I guess it's good to see TellTale adding that extra polish to these games (braces for polish debate to reignite)

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