New SCUMM-like 2D Adventure 02 Jul, 2002, 08:09 / 2 comments

Are you suffering from withdrawals since LucasArts doesn't seem to be interested in making 2D point 'n click graphic adventures anymore? Well, another game company may help fill the void. Gamer's Hell has published an interview with the makers of a new 2D graphic adventure called Tony Tough and the Night of the Roasted Moths. Although this isn't related to LucasArts, the article does compare it to the games we all know and love. Here's a quote:
Sadly and slowly classic Monkey-Island-alike 2D puzzle/adventures are disappearing, replaced by today's 3D frenzy and all those beautiful hand painted backgrounds and characters are starving. Luckily Got Game Entertainment and developer Prograph have still one SCUMM-alike title upcoming.
Read the interview if you're interested, and then check out the game's official website here.


  • Swordmaster on 03 Jul, 2002, 08:07…
    LOL, I played a beta of this title a looong time ago. It had Italian voice-overs back then. :)
  • Arts on 03 Jul, 2002, 01:43…
    Hmm... If you look at the screenshots, you'll see there's a LOT loaned material from Lucas' games. At least from Sam&Max, DOTT and MI3.