New Outcast Trailer Coming Soon... 12 Mar, 2002, 09:59 / 1 comment

According to an e-mail from the LucasArts Game Alerts, Jedi Outcast will have a new trailer released at the LucasArts website on Thursday. However, if you are a Lucas Online Member, you can view the trailer as early as this Wednesday after 6 pm PST. If you're not an Online Member... what's your problem? It's free, so go sign up now, ya freak. The new trailer will feature all new content, so be sure to check it out.


  • QueZTone on 12 Mar, 2002, 10:52…
    cool! :) i hope they'll show some part of SOME cutscene :) havent really seen that yet. (i hope there will be sufficient good qual cutscenes which lead the game)