New Jedi Outcast Model 11 May, 2002, 14:22 / 1 comment

One of the first fan-made multiplayer models for Jedi Outcast has been released at PolyCount. You can now play as Aurra Sing, a rather obscure female character from the Star Wars universe. Note that unlike some of the previous fan efforts, this is a completely new model and not just a skin. Here's a quote:
This one is the first community created model for Jk2. The authors had to figure out the model process on their own and ended up getting some assistance from Raven on some of the more particular details. As of the writing of this info page, the authors are polishing up a tutorial that will lead you through your own Jedi creation pipeline. It's a great first model for the genre. Grab it for you know you need it.
Hopefully soon, someone will create a Guybrush Threepwood, Manny Calavera, or even a Max model! Don't taunt a bunny with a lightsaber. Thanks for Raptor for the news.


  • RaptorII on 12 May, 2002, 17:07…
    Heee, Guybrush of course using the Prisoner sounds for that Dom thing making a nice Lightsaber swashbuckler, Manny... oh man with dismemberment... HILARITY! :)

    And Max... is someone actually made a GOOD model of him, (The Quake3 one sucked) all I can say is... RUN. :)