New JKII Trailer and Release Date 13 Mar, 2002, 19:59 / 5 comments

Following on the heels of's announcement of Jedi Knight 2 going gold on March 28th, LucasArts has released another action-packed trailer for the game. Go watch it! (Note: You must be a member of or to view the trailer. Signing up takes only a second and they don't spam you or anything.)

At the end of the trailer, LEC announces that the game's official release date is March 29th, 2002.


  • QueZTone on 14 Mar, 2002, 08:51…
    you're right, i was foolish :) sorry 'bout that :)
  • Blaze^ on 14 Mar, 2002, 07:51…
    I believe that is luke and most of the scenes in the new trailer is MultiPlayer footage. So the name "Adi-Wan" (actually it's Andi-Wan) is probably someones MP handle.
  • Metallus on 14 Mar, 2002, 08:49…
    It was about half game and half multiplayer. I read something on the forums about how they got an hour of one Raven staff member playing on single player and multiplayer that didn't make it into the first trailer, so what you're seeing is a lot of that.
  • QueZTone on 14 Mar, 2002, 05:25…
    woahh this one rules!! its better than the first! The slomo-effect after killing a sith (opponent with lightsabre) is pretty cool! :) The jump at the end of the trailer was so cool too!

    oh btw i think everyone who thought that was Kyle with Luke Skywalker on the picture was wrong. Because if so it seems there are a lotta Luke's as opponent in this game :) If I'm right the name of the character is Adi-Wan (you can see that name a couple of times in the new trailer)

    Yeah i want this game more and more now :D Can't wait =]

    p.s. ill be uploading the 20mb version of the trailer at Sky's soon enough..
  • Metallus on 14 Mar, 2002, 08:52…
    That's in multiplayer mode, Quez. Luke is obviously someone you can play as. The slowdown effect is also only available in single player mode. Force speed slows everything else down in SP mode, but will speed you up in MP mode.