New GBA Episode II Game 03 Jul, 2002, 13:34 / 6 comments

Can't get enough of those Game Boy Advanced Star Wars games? Well I don't care for them either, but I'm sure someone out there likes them. Anyway, THQ issued a press release announcing a new Episode II game entitled Star Wars: Episode II The New Droid Army. The game features a new story in which Anakin must stop Count Dooku from creating a new, more destructive droid army. Look for that title in November of 2002. Thanks to our friend Marek over at Adventure Gamers for this news!


  • csenosiain on 04 Jul, 2002, 18:20…

    Why cant lucasarts give the license to somebody that can acctually make good GBA games i mean THQ cant make good games so they have to resort using licenses to get people to buy the games
  • The_Petrified_Monkey on 04 Jul, 2002, 02:07…
    The biggest b*tch about THQ is... they can't make games so why do they try!!!

    I bought the Episode 2 game (BIG MISTAKE!) and I managed to lose the receipt so I can't take it back... God damn you, THQ!!!

  • Jake on 03 Jul, 2002, 16:25…
    Because THQ means Quality.(tm)
  • twifkak on 05 Jul, 2002, 10:03…
    or Try Harder or Quit.
  • Marek on 03 Jul, 2002, 14:57…
    I love being the bringer of good news!

    *looks around*

  • mxbx on 03 Jul, 2002, 14:27…
    Please stop, THQ! Please!