New Double Fine project 18 Nov, 2005, 18:41 / 3 comments

Hey guess what? Tim Schafer?s totally working on a new game!

The news isn?t really that surprising seeing as he?s finished with Psychonauts and it?s kind of his job to make games, but, still, it?s good to have the news confirmed. Action style.

Oh, and Tim?s also getting married to "a lady", but the details of the wedding are so secret that not even the highly trained elite Mojo spies know anything about it. But it?s cool news anyway.

It?s celebration time!


  • itchythesamurai on 19 Nov, 2005, 04:20…
    He should open up a wedding registry on I'd so buy him meaningless crap.
  • Darth Darthy on 18 Nov, 2005, 23:17…
    Told ya so. Actually, Evil Avatar did but still...
  • Horn Pimp on 18 Nov, 2005, 20:21…
    I hope the "lady" knows.