New CMI Launcher 20 Oct, 2002, 10:42 / 3 comments

bgbennyboy of LEC Quick & Easy fame has made a new tool to help ease the headaches caused by recent operating systems. The tool is a modified Curse of Monkey Island Launcher that has two new important features.

One, it allows you to change the level of directsound acceleration, which fixes the problem of video cutscenes running too fast in Windows 2000 and XP. The new launcher also has the ability to play CMI in windowed mode, which is very cool but can be a bit unstable.

Thanks to people like bgbennyboy, we can continue to play our favorite graphic adventures despite the lack of support from LucasArts... but business is business, I suppose.

Update: It seems LucasArts did support this problem somewhat.

Source: The SCUMM Bar



  • Tall Guy on 20 Oct, 2002, 11:11…
    the link in the news post aint correct...fix it dammit!
  • telarium on 20 Oct, 2002, 11:14…
    Curse you and your reasonable demands.
  • Remi O on 20 Oct, 2002, 10:59…
    Aye, they provided support for it, but it's a damn bit easier when people make little programs like this. Very cool stuff.