New BONE content posted 15 Jun, 2005, 20:42 / 4 comments

With a nice graphical tweak across the whole Telltale website, the company have also been kind enough to post some new content in the BONE section. This includes the first screenshots of the Dragon's Stair location and a nifty little overview of the comic and game for the uninitiated.

Source: Telltale Games



  • Thrik on 15 Jun, 2005, 21:11…
    You broke the source link !!!!!!!
  • Metallus on 15 Jun, 2005, 21:23…
    No no, by reversing the hypertext link info and source name, he's making the statement that...err...shut up it's avant garde.
  • jp-30 on 15 Jun, 2005, 22:36…
    You've made me cry now. Happy?
  • csenosiain on 16 Jun, 2005, 20:49…
    Yes, because I've got ICE CREAM