New A Vampyre Story trailer 22 Aug, 2008, 13:19 / 8 comments

The game's official website has been updated with a new trailer showing off the game's art as well as Froderick's voice!

The site also promises more updates and screenshots over the following weeks so check back regularly!

Tingler Updates: The site also confirms our previous report that the game will indeed be released October 30th, just in time for Hallowe'en. Hooray!


  • OverMind on 26 Sep, 2008, 14:49…
    The music in this trailer has next to nothing to do with the actual music that will ship with the game. Same goes to the narrator.
  • Norimaki on 23 Aug, 2008, 11:02…
    This game looks really fantastic! The way they're integrating 3d models into those marvellous 2d backgrounds has me completely hooked. And it's never been done this consistently before. I think you're being awfully harsh on this game if you say it looks like just another mediocre graphic adventure. I mean, the production values are so obviously there: How often do you get characters in an adventure game that look really alive? I really like what Telltale is doing with Sam & Max, but their character animation is often a little stale and too repetitive if you ask me. They have two characters that, in the original artwork by Steve Purcell, are always jumping and moving and look like they're full of adrenaline, but in the games they're always sort of stuck to the ground and don't move that fast. Those games lack some animated chaos!

    But I just love how cute Mona looks in this trailer when she's singing halfway through, and the sturd way of walking that other (evil looking) vampire has. And the facial expressions are great too! Everyone's frowning or smiling or looking really sad. This is bloody acting!

    I sort of agree on the narration though. But it's probably the amount of narration that never gives you much of a chance to concentrate on what they're showing that makes it seem a little off, and not the text itself. I think if the lines from this trailer were to appear on the box of the game, no one would complain about them.
  • Udvarnoky on 22 Aug, 2008, 19:48…
    The game looks...freaking amazing.
  • Thrik on 22 Aug, 2008, 20:15…
    I agree, the game looks sweet.

    The trailer leaves me very dry, though. It's difficult to make an adventure game trailer exciting in any way, but in this case I think they'd be wiser showing less.

    My worry is that I can't see a lot of people being enticed by this trailer much. We're obviously all sold because of the talent involved, but most people won't be.

    Really, it's just a bunch of gameplay shots with no real indication of what the plot will be or anything. Combined with a poor (and completely unfunny) narration, I can honestly see this turning people away rather than attracting them.

    This is all no biggie if they can come up with something a bit more intriguing closer to the release, of course! I'd just hate a project that's had so much time put into it end up shooting itself in the foot with its promotional material.
  • Udvarnoky on 22 Aug, 2008, 20:36…
    They're not really trying to market this game to non-adventure gamers, that's for sure. But then, the game was never going to be attractive to non-adventure gamers, so are they really shooting themselves in the foot? I mean, look at the game. They're not trying to reinvent the wheel - they're making a 2D adventure games, that's very much traditional and old-fashioned. If they're shooting themselves in the foot, they did it when they wrote the design document.

    The game will do fine in Europe, as we all know (to what degree remains to be seen). Germany will buy any adventure game you sell them; who knows what could happen if you sell them a good one that has LEC names attached?
  • Thrik on 22 Aug, 2008, 20:44…
    You're right, but even by adventure game standards it's a pretty bland trailer. If I wasn't really familiar with it I'd quite readily just skim right over it as yet another mediocre adventure game.

    I didn't really mean mainstream mainstream in my earlier comment. And hey, if this thing hits Steam the trailer could easily make a real difference.

    Still though, the game does look great. I'm sure plenty of people will see that just like us!
  • The Tingler on 23 Aug, 2008, 10:12…
    I wonder if the German narration was more exciting?
  • Kroms on 22 Aug, 2008, 17:43…
    Rather good, but the music and the narrator are uninspired. The art's astounding, though.